Payroll and Bookkeeping Services

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Prepare Financial Statements

Once we provide payroll reporting and bookkeeping services for your entity, we can assist your entity precisely prepare Financial Statements. Per SSARS, Preparation is a new level of service below a compilation. While a compilation is an attest engagement, preparation is a non-attest engagement. They also provide some examples of when bookkeeping does not rise to the level of preparation:

•Assisting in the preparation of financial statements (still no guidance on when assisting becomes compiling)

•Maintaining depreciation schedules and preparing bank reconciliations

•Certain adjustments such as deferred taxes and depreciation

•Drafting footnotes

The Following is a nice chart, highlighting the major differences between Compilation and Preparation of Financial Statements:

1“When an accountant is engaged to prepare financial statements, the accountant is required to include an adequate statement on each page of the financial statements indicating that no CPA provided any assurance on the financial statements. If the accountant is unable to include an adequate statement on each page of the financial statements, the accountant is required to issue a disclaimer on the financial statements.”